Indian Railways introduces smart switchable windows & coupe doors in Howrah-New Delhi Rajdhani Express


Rail News: Indian Railways is continuously promoting new technology and innovation, from trains to catering, luggage booking, stations, platforms and infrastructure. In this series, the Railways has provided some special technology services for the privacy of passengers in Rajdhani Express, through which the privacy of the railway passengers will remain and they will not be disturbed during the journey. Actually, by promoting innovation and technology, Indian Railways is going to install smart switchable windows and coupe doors in the First AC coach of Rajdhani Express. This facility is being started in 12301-12302 Howrah-New Delhi Rajdhani Express.

After installation of coupe doors, the privacy of the passengers will remain. These doors will be a slide-to-use. That is, it will not be opened forward or closed back, like common doors. In this coupe doors, polymer-dispersed liquid crystals glass (PDLCs) will be used. Rajdhani Express AC coach will feature polymer dispersed liquid crystals glass in-smart switchable windows and coupe doors which is special in many ways. Travelers can make the glass transparent to opaque by clicking the switch at their convenience. That is, in the event of the switch off, this glass will be seen through, it will become opaque as soon as the switch is turned on. That is, it will not be seen through it.

In addition, it will prevent UltraViolet Rays. That is, the ultraviolet rays which were entering inside the train during the sunlight, will be reflected back. This will also not cause skin problems for passengers from UV rays. PDLCs are considered important for liquid-crystal technology. In this, nematic LCs microdroplets are spread in an element matrix. This technique is used for liquid crystal display, switchable windows and light shutter. PDLCs devices operate on the principle of electrical modulation of LCs refractive index, which optionally facilitates making transparent and opaque.

You must have seen glass in many cameras. When you click the picture, it captures the outside view, but when you try to look inside the camera through glass, nothing appears. That is, this glass becomes opaque from outside. Similarly, the glass installed in the windows and doors of the train will work on same principle. This smart switchable glass matters more especially in the Corona era. Currently, curtains are not being installed in trains due to COVID-19 outbreak. In such a situation, travelers are facing many problems. First, their privacy is being disturbed. Secondly, they are having trouble with the sunlight coming from outside in the afternoon.

Through this smart switchable glass, passengers will now be able to make the glass of the train window and door opaque from transparent. The sunlight coming from outside will not come on their berth and their privacy will also remain. At present, this technology is being installed in the first AC class of New Delhi-Howrah Rajdhani Express. In future, this technical facility can be expanded to other trains also.


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