Increase your WordPress website Speed

If you are a blogger or a small businessman. You all need a website from where you can show your talent or sell your product online. But as fast your site will load chances are more people will come to your website. And Google also gives preference to that website who’s website performance and speed is very less. So do you also want to know how to increase your website speed? Then you must have to read this article till the end. You will get the answer to you all question.

Increase your WordPress website Speed

In any kind of website, their theme plays an important role. So if you have installed a theme that has too much unnecessary code. It means your website will take more time to load. So you should always check the website speed after the installation of the theme. To Check website speed you can use google website speed test website or you can also use GTmatrixs.

There Are Some Points That will help you to increase your Website Speed

1. Always Use CDN

2. Don’t Install Too Much Plugin

3.Use Best Hosting Service

4.Hire Developer to remove Unnecessary Code

5. Use Amp Theme

1. Always Use CDN:- If you don’t know about what is CDN.Then Let me tell you. It is a Content Delivery Network. This helps you to secure your website and add free SSL certificate to your website. You can use Cloudflare to your website.

2. Don’t Install Too Much Plugin:-

Some People Install Too Much Plugin on their website. But they don’t know that every time when your website load it took all the code of plugins also. Which make your website slower.So I recommend you to install only those plugin which is necessary.

3.Use Best Hosting Service

Always try to use the best hosting service. There are many websites that provide the best hosting service. You can choose according to your website traffic.

4 Hire A Developer to Remove Unnecessary Code

You can hire a developer to increase your website speed. There are many freelancers who provide service at very cheap prices. And they will help you to increase your website speed.

5. Use Amp Theme

Okay If you really want that your website should load instant and show to people then you should have to use the Amp theme. Amp Stands for Accelerated Mobile Page. It is a product of google. Which load your website instantly. So you can use this into your website.

So that’s it, friends, I hope you would enjoy this article. And it will help you to increase your website speed. There are more articles on our website if you want to read then you can visit our website. If you have any query then you can ask us into the comment section.

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