How To Increase Da Pa of Website

Hello, friends are you a blogger or a digital marketer. And if you are running a website then you all heard about the Da and pa. As much your website DA will high you will get more traffic on your website. You have seen that there are lots of website who is getting more traffic on their website on thin content just because of there high DA PA.

There is no secret trick to become a successful blogger in a day. If you want to become a blogger or a digital marketer then you must have to learn its basics. Because if your basics are good then no one can beat you. So let come to our main topic about Increasing your website DA-Pa. We are going to explain 5 tips it will help you to increase your website speed.

How To Increase Da Pa of Website

Increasing website speed not a game of a single day. It takes time and lots of effort. There are many ways to increase your website Da but not all are worthy. If you want to stay consistent in ranking then you need to follow the white hat method. So Let See these methods.

1.Unique Content

To increase the DA and PA of your website you will have to write unique content. Because Google always wants to give genuine and relative information to there users. So instead of copying and pasting articles from other blogs. You should have to write some quality articles. And if you can not write then you can hire writers.

2.On-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization plays an important role in your website ranking. Because it is the only thing that helps you maintain your ranking without backlinks. And it will never lose ranking. So in On-Page Seo Optimization you will have to follow on keyword placement, keyword in the permalink, image SEO optimization.

3.Internal linking

Internal linking also plays an important role in increasing website DA. And it’s one of the best examples is Wikipedia. You all have seen that wherever you read an article on Wikipedia there are lots of interlinking in their article. And they pass the link juice to another page. But it will work only if you use it in a systematic way. This means you will have to internal link only related information to your blog.

4.Off-Page Seo

Guys off-page SEO is one of the most powerful factors to increase your website DA PA. But Beginner uses it in wrong way. And that’s why they are not able to rank there website. If you want to rank your blog then you will have to make backlinks from the high authoritative website. Not from the spammy website.


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