Best Seo Chrome Extension

Guys nowadays Seo has become tougher as compared to previous days. If you want to rank your blog then you always need some plugin from that you can grow your website. So we have decided to write an article about the Best Chrome Extension For Seo.

It will help you to grow your website Seo. You can do lots of things with the help of this plugin like you can find your competitor website backlinks, you can check your website on-page SEO, you can check your website off-page SEO, grammar, and many more things.

Best Seo Chrome Extension

In this article, we will explain all tools in brief. If you want to read every tool details in deep then you can find it on google. So let start our main article.

1.Similar Web

A similar web is one of the best plugin or a website that helps you to find the competitor website top ranking keywords. It also tells you organic traffic sources and referral traffic sources. So you can easily Analyse your competitor and work on those keywords.


If you want to increase your writing and correct your grammar spellings then Grammarly is one of the best plugins. It helps you to correct your grammar while writing. If anything you type incorrect it will show the red line on that word. And you can edit that by hovering on it.

3.Seo Minion Tool

This tool is a part of the Keyword Everywhere. If you have heard about this plugin then you very well aware. It helps you to find the keyword volume. And in the Seo Minion Tool, you can Analyse your entire website data like on-page SEO, link broken, heading tag, etc. So it is a very good tool to analyze your On-page SEO score.


If you are an email marketer then this tool is a goldmine for you. The main motive of this plugin ins finds the email address of the website.

5.Google Trends

It is a free tool for Google. If you want to know the trend of the keyword then you should have to use the Google Trends Keywords. Because it tells you breakout keywords. Which help you rank faster in the Google Search Result. And you check the trend score country-wise also.


So that’s it, friends, I hope you will like this article. If you have any queries or questions then you can ask us in the comment box. There are more articles related to WordPress, Seo, And Other this. If you want to read those articles then you can visit our website.

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